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  • Natalie Friend

Drive Through Market

In this time of uncertainty we are humbled and honored to serve our community. This website is to serve as a directory to the many individual businesses that make up our market.

Under the heading vendors you will find the list of vendors.

Select the Vendor you are interested in and then follow the instructions on how to place an order with that particular business. We are separate businesses. It can be confusing because we are grouped together in the same space and seem to be cohesive. Thank you. We work hard to form a unified front for our customers. However, we are separate businesses with separate bank accounts. So just like at market when you make a transaction with each of us, we need you to do the same in this new virtual world

Once you have placed your order, the vendor will make arrangements on their preferred payment method. Most vendors do not want cash or check. While under normal circumstances we greatly appreciate avoiding credit card processing fees, cash is dirty. Cash is dirty under regular circumstances, not to mention these. A few vendors will accept exact change in an envelope if you have made arrangements with them. But for the majority we want some sort of electronic payment. Venmo, Square Store, PayPal, Sqare Invoices, PayPal Invoices are all methods the individual vendors are choosing to use. Please respect that. The CDC has given specific guidelines on payment and it does not include cash. We are following that. At this time the risk of getting sick and not having anyone to run our businesses is real. Please do not expose us unnecessarily. Again it is up to the individual vendor on what types of payment they are willing to accept.

Then you drive through we are there from 9-noon. We are in the White Hall Parking Lot on the Corner of Princess and High Streets in Shepherdstown. Please pull in, open your trunk and stop at the vendor you have ordered from. That Vendor will be happy to place your items in your trunk, while giving you a smile and a wave. It is helpful if you have a sign with your name on it so that we can your order on deck for when you pull up to us.

We greatly appreciate you as our customer and thank you for doing your part in adjusting to these ever changing times. We look forward to serving you in this manner for as long as it is necessary, but we too can't wait to get back to our regular spot. We love being social, and the social distancing is really killing us because we love catching up with one another and with you. Stay safe my friends. We will see you Sunday!

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