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Call, text, or email your order using the links below. 

For product pictures visit Facebook or our Website

Payment options: cash, check or credit card at market or credit card by phone.
We will have limited product at market

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Established in 1983, The Cottage of Herbs has been creating all-natural gourmet herb products. Specializing in delicious gourmet herb dips, seasoning blends, herb mixes, and high-quality loose teas

Available Products:

Gourmet Herb Vinegars
Red Garlic Basil, White Garlic Basil, Dill, Tarragon, Garlic Lemon Thyme, White Herb Wine, Red Herb Wine, Raspberry, Jalapeño & Citrus Cilantro.
Dip & Spice Blends
Garlic Herbal Dip, Horseradish & Bacon Dip, Dill Dip, Herb Seasoning Blend, French Mediterranean, Cajun, Seafood Dip & Spicy Bourcin.
Bean Soup Mixes-
Herb, Creole, Black Bean, Pottage of Babble & Potage of Patience
Lavender Cookie Mix- 
Dry Rubs

Savory & Chipotle
Pasta Mix
Loose Teas
Black, Green & Herbal (several varieties)

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